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Список фиков по ГП_англ. - лучшие гарридраки после 1.09.2007 (отбор) - Список "Лучшие фики" от eanelinea77

Bite Me, Hate Memes by pir8fancier
Harry/Draco NC-17
This is an AU, written with a Champions sort of sensibility (which when you consider Champions and the fact there is nothing sensible about it...Okay, amend that. The Draco here is arrogant, charming, irritating as all fuck, volatile, sexy, and full of sass. Ring any bells? This not a continuation of Champions. I just temporarily stole the Champions Draco for my own nefarious purposes).

Come Out Of The West by Perfica
Snarry NC-17
Summary: Written for the 2008 Snarry Olympics with the prompts 'St Mungo’s' and 'Miles To Go Before I Sleep.' Big thanks to loupgarou1750 and auctasinistra for checking it over.

Aqua Fresca by Perfica
Snarry NC-17
Summary: Set in an alternative reality which veers from canon after OotP, and where Harry is over eighteen and attending Hogwarts. Harry witnesses Severus suffering under an unusual curse. Both of them struggle to come to terms with the new intimacy that springs up between them because of the vision. Вампир!Снейп:inlove:

Snarry NC-17
Снейп попадает к Поттеру в услужение. почти slave!Snape фик))

On a Clear Day by Sara's Girl
Harry/Draco NC-17
Summary: Draco Malfoy is waiting for his real life to begin, and it appears that he's not the only one. Coffee, charity, and the wisdom of the elderly. HPDM. Oneshot of epic proportions. Все началось с того, что Гарри не ответил на письма...:inlove:

High Priced by dysonrules
Harry/Draco NC-17
Summary: Dumbledore’s portrait exposes yet another secret complication that will screw up Harry’s life. He’s really getting tired of those.:buh::hot:

Barriers Both, Flesh and Stone by rurounihime
Harry/Draco NC-17
Summary: An educational experiment turns disastrous. - психотреннинг от Основателей Хогвартса

Sex Ed for Aurors by ??? for hds_beltane
Harry/Draco NC-17
Summary: Some things, you need to learn on the job. на Гарри пролили зелье-наркотик-... и Малфой попал под прицел:gigi:

Steamby melusinahp
Harry/Draco NC-17
Summary: One does what one must. both are cursed and have to find the way out.

Magorian's Ruby by quill_lumos
Snarry, NC17
Word Count: 16,000
Prompt/Summary: Severus had hoped for a quiet life, after the war was over. But thanks to a mislaid ruby, a peculiar old man and the irrepressible Harry Potter, it seems his plans might just have to change.

Betrayal is a Thorny Crown (You Wear It Well) by snegurochka_lee:weep:
Teddy/James NC-17
Summary: Five years after taking his fifteen-year-old godbrother's virginity, Teddy has done everything he can to avoid James. He is definitely not supposed to look this good when Teddy finally runs into him again, but Teddy is pretty sure the kid will never forgive him for disappearing like that.

Roots by oldenuf2nb:heart::weep:
past Harry/Draco G
Written for [info]slythindor100 ’s special Valentine’s Day challenge, this quote:
Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your father and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossoms had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two.

...this is just one of those stories that hurts in all the right ways.(с)

The One Where Ron and Hermione Find by eruditefics for HP_kinkfest
Harry/Draco NC-17
Summary: When Harry is injured, the secret is out. Will their relationship last such a startling revelation?

But I Have A Penis by florahart for HD_hols'07
Harry/Draco NC-17
Prompt: Written for [info]dragon_charmer, who wanted a bunch of things, including: seduction, hurt/comfort, dirty talk, Parselsmut, teasing, UST, happy endings, and well-written mpreg. I'm hoping my characterization wasn't too womanized, as that was in the list of things not wanted.

Secret Passions by taleya
To hell with the summary! :lol::lol::lol: или почему Дамблдор увидел в зеркале Элианеж (или как там оно..) себя держащим в руке пару носков (или один.. плохо у меня с каноном:gigi: но это неважно......:lol: )

The Bunny Farm Fic list - fics by Amy)

Top Lists of H/D and some more from a fabulous rurounihime!

A Proper Fit by marguerite_26
Harry/Draco NC-17
Summary: Harry goes in for a robe fitting and once again finds Draco Malfoy. The results are a bit different this time.

Incidental Charms by marguerite_26
Harry/Draco NC-17 BDSM
Summary: Draco Malfoy has spent the last twelve years trying to build a successful business in a post-war world where the Administration has replaced the defunct Ministry for Magic and pure-bloods' rights are almost non-existent. Now his company, DACH Inc., is under the scrutiny of Senior Para Investigator Harry Potter and Malfoy must tread carefully.

Portrait of a Headmaster by silentauror for HD_hols
Harry/Draco NC-17
Summary: When Death Eaters find their way into the Hogwarts portrait collection, the Headmaster is forced to work with the Head Auror to find a way to protect the castle, including their own children.

Draco Malfoy's Travelling Theatre of the Strange and Spectacular by melusinahp for HD_hols
Harry/Draco NC-17
Summary: "I welcome you to Draco Malfoy's Travelling Theatre of the Strange and Spectacular. Hold onto your seats, for this is not entertainment for the faint of heart. You will see both amazing spectacles and shocking displays. Get out your smelling salts, uncap your Firewhisky bottles -- it's going to be an evening you'll never forget."

Celle Qui Sais Vous Garrotter by marguerite_26 for HD_hols
Harry/Draco NC-17
Summary: “Two orgasms and Harry's hand resting tentatively on his hip and Draco still felt wound tight, aching somewhere too deep to rub away.”

Harry/Draco NC-17
Summary: After the Ministry of Magic decides that Harry's Auror position is a liability, they offer him an alternative: become part of an international covert operations initiative. Joining the project means Harry must forsake everything he cherishes and learn things he never wanted to know about himself. это было нечто INCREDIBLE:wow2:

Says The Magpie To The Morning (Sorrow, Take Your Own Advice) by ??? for HD_hols
Harry/Draco NC-17
Summary: It's terribly bad form, sleeping with your ex when you're still half in love with the bastard.

Dating a Straight Boy is Weird and Creepy by abusing_sarcasm
Albus/Scorpius PG-13
Summary: Albus is completely straight and Scorpius is completely gay, so naturally they need to go dancing.:laugh::inlove:

The World Thy Gaol by ?? for HD_hols
Harry/Draco R
Summary: In the post-war world, nothing seemed to fit quite right anymore. Драко изобретает Метаморфное зелье, Гарри прознает и "напрашивается" в долю.

Trajectories by ??? for HD_hols
Harry/Draco PG
Summary: Rembrandt's phrase in describing his painting: "Die meeste ende di naetureelste beweechgelickheijt", can be translated as greatest, most natural movement (emotion or motive). про портреты, прощение и то, как жить дальше. просто потрясающий! гораздо больше, чем Гарри-Драко. гораздо, гораздо больше.:heart:

Symbiosis by ??? for HD_hols
Harry/Draco NC-17
Summary: sym·bi·o·sis (sĩm'bē-ō'sĩs) n. Biology A close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member. 8-ой год, Драко лишили наследства, он "нанимает" Гарри в телохранители.

Draco Malfoy, It's Your Lucky Day by ?? (но думаю, что faithwood :-D) for hd_hols
Summary: Even though he's unarmed, injured, lost in the Forbidden Forest, and facing a possible murder charge, Draco Malfoy gets lucky. NC-17

Sealed with a Kiss by Faith Wood
замечательная, школьная, рождественская Гарридрака! веселая, трогательная, забавная - то, что я люблю (с) nc-17.

Savage by ??? for HD_hols
Summary: In a post-war world that lives in fear and ignorance of werewolves, Draco Malfoy has taken every step to keep his condition hidden. When the delicate balance of his life shatters in a single moment, it is Harry Potter alone standing in his defence. nc-17

Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property by Helen
Neville/Draco ! ! !
Summary: Surely it is a mistake to allow a single youthful indiscretion to cloud an already promising career. (forced marriage) NC-17

Christmas Advent stories by oldenuf2nb
Harry/Draco G - NC-17
Author's Notes: The first in what I hope will be twenty five segments of this year’s Christmas Advent stories. Yay!

Harry's New Home by kbinnz
Summary: One lonely little boy. One snarky, grumpy git. When the safety of one was entrusted to the other, everyone knew this was not going to turn out well... Or was it? AU, sequel to "Harry's First Detention"

Champagne And Business Cards by Leashy Bebes
Summary: Yet another high-society dinner, another boring night of showing his face and talking to the right people, but Scorpius is about to learn that these things don't have to be all champagne and business cards. nc-17

Speak Low If You Speak of Love by ??? for snarry_holidays 09
Harry/Severus NC-17

Unexpected, A Holiday Tail of Mistaken Identity by ???
Harry/Draco R
Summary: After an accident involving a two year old and a wand, Harry (much to his dismay) is sent to Draco, who believes he’s caring for a pet. A large pet with a bad attitude.

Dust of Snow by florahart
Summary: Severus wakes up, to his surprise, but he has some catching up to do. Гарри сохраняет Снейпу личность, но вот с моторикой им придется потрудиться))) nc-17 - неявное))

by Saras_Girl
HP/DM pre-slash/slash R:inlove:
Summary: Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.
Гарри проходит практику в больнице. Его отправляют на 4 недели проходить обучение в отделение по Реабилитации от Наркозавизимости для Волшебников, где уже 4 года работает Драко Малфой.

Rite of Passage by Rushlight
Warnings: student/teacher
Summary: When Harry comes of age in the wizarding world, he has to find someone to aid him in the passage to adulthood.
NC-17 Word Count 12,602

Snape: The Home Fries Nazi by pir8fancier
Summary: In the aftermath of Harry's defeat of Voldemort, all Death Eaters lose their magic. Snape decamps to the United States, where he works as a short order cook in a diner. Harry seeks him out to ask for advice.

Light as Iron, Singed as Pearl by Snegurochka
Summary: The owner of the elite BDSM club M. had not gained his reputation as the most coveted Dominant on the scene by taking on just any riff-raff submissive who asked. It would take an unexpected letter to convince him to accept a new client, but it might turn out to be the biggest mistake he ever made.
откуда взялась эта Снегурка?!:inlove:

Grey Dawning by SilentAuror
Genre/rating: Drama, NC-17
Summary: A year after Ginny's mysterious death, Harry finds himself involved in an investigation into the Ministry's disappearing finances with an Unspeakable of his acquaintance...

Disturbing the Peace (Part One) by moonflower_rose):lol:
Pairing: HP/DM
Genre/Rating: NC-17; Humor; Fluff; Porn
Summary: Драко просыпается после ночи загула, после явно жаркой ночи секса. И на кухне встречает Поттера...

Cornbread and Sweet Tea by sor_bet
Summary: Harry and Draco living together in a house in the North Georgia mountains, and how they got there. NC-17
Warnings: AU, AU, AU.

Resistance is Futile by ???
Summary: The big bad wolf is going through mating season and shooting off pheromones like crazy in the Ministry administration department. Who’s the hunted now?
Draco's in heat and trying to avoid Harry as musg as possible)) NC-17

Sweatin' to the Voldies by dark_branwen
Summary: The-Boy-Who-Lived has become The-Boy-Who-Ate, and his girlfriend just can't take it anymore. After Ginny leaves Harry for presumably slimmer pastures, Harry realizes that if he has any chance of getting her back, he's going to have to get fit quick. It's really just his bad luck that a certain pale, pointy bastard owns the only wizarding gym in the country.

Bored by Vorabiza
Summary: Harry and company are bored, so Harry is encouraged to tell the others a sexual fantasy that becomes a little more romantic than they are expecting. H/D one-shot

Black Coffee on a Lonely Night by ??? для write your own fic fest
Hary/Draco, past Draco/Astoria
Summary: Draco owns a café in the city. Harry's an MP who comes in every morning, newspapers in one hand, BlackBerry in the other, and orders a triple espresso macchiato.
non-magical AU, nc-17. Draco moves on after his wifes death in the car accident with a small son to take care about.

Renovations by dysonrules для hd_career_fair
Summary: After a humiliating incident, an exhausted Harry decides to abandon his Ministry career and become handyman!Harry. He sucks at it. Major screw up(s) finally land him on the doorstep of Malfoy Manor and shut-in!Draco. nc-17

On One's Knees by pir8fancier
Summary: Five years after the final battle at Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy is night janitor at The Daily Prophet. Harry Potter is training as a Healer at St. Mungo's. One wastebasket=one head injury=our story.

Let's Pretend the War Is Over :inlove:
Summary: Post war fic. Draco spends his days debating whether or not he's crazy. Harry is the take-away king.

The Snidget by sinick and ac1d6urn
Summary: After the Dark Lord's victory, Headmaster Snape is living under a sword's edge, when hope flies in past his shields.
или тут

Dirt Trilogy by Cheryl Dyson
Summary:Harry and Draco get dirty. And then clean. And then dirtier...

Draco and Harry: Escortsby Cheryl Dyson
Summary: This started as a one shot and developed into a massively fluffy, angst-ridden, action-adventure series.rnrnBegins after the defeat of Voldemort...

In Theory by Dementordelta and Cruisedirector
Summary: Lucius Malfoy appears at Harry Potter's door to tell him that Severus Snape is alive...and Malfoy will tell Harry where Snape is, too, if Harry promises a favor in return.

Gut Feeling by: gingertart
Summary: Snape has stomach-ache. Lupin interferes. A dose of Potter is better than Pepto-Bismol. Snape is in trouble but so, ultimately, is Voldemort. Harry discovers sex magic and Snape finds a family. Beta: Rakina; you’re a star. Thanks for your welcome to the wild and wonderful world of wicked, wanton and wanking wizards.
боже, какой тут мпрег!!:heart: tsunaoshy спасибо за наводку!!! еще одну))))

Smitty the Basilisk by Lychee
Snarry, Hermione/Ron, and Draco/OFC
Summary: Tremble, inhabitants of Hogwarts, for the basilisk is once again in the walls of the school…even if he gets into trouble sometimes. Smitty the basilisk has a wicked penchant for matchmaking, and ends up with human aspirations of his own.
tsunaoshy ну ты догадалась:squeeze:

Lupercalia Series by enchanted_jae
Саммари в каждому фиклету из серии разные. Общее саммари следующее: Шестикурсники Хогвартса учавствуют в ежедневной сексуальной лотерее. Кидают имена в урну, а она компанует, как "видит". Много НЦ, есть гет, но слэша гораздо больше. В центре Гарри и Драко. Очень понравилось!

Summary: It's Harry's seventh year at Hogwarts and the new strategy in the war against Voldemort is "Fight darkness with darkness." Harry goes through a series of changes that has him questioning everything he thought he ever knew about magic, darkness, destiny ... and a certain snarky Potions professor. (Creature!Fic, Possessive!Snape, Bottom!Harry ... and OCs. Yes, that's right. OCs. Well-developed ones, I promise.)
потрясающий!невероятный! обалденный! один из ТОП 10! сreature!fic:ura: tsunaoshy люблю тебя сильно!!! спасибо за наводку!!!!!!!!!:squeeze: ... и никаких вейл!

A Life More (or less) Ordinary by: Tari Sue
Summary: Harry is working at St Mungo’s as a student nurse and finds himself becoming a bit too attached to one of the patients – a dying Veela who won’t let anyone close.

Summary When Hogwarts is no longer safe, the redeemed (due to a dislike of manual labour) Lucius Malfoy opens his home to Hogwarts students, to get back in Ministry good books. Harry Potter included.
вот это я блин понимаю "нереализованное сексуальное напряжение"..........:wow2:

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